Convening the Pioneers of Systemic Investing

In January 2024, we will convene a group of investors, innovators, challenge owners, researchers, and financial intermediaries to showcase pioneering efforts, give shape to the field of systemic investing, and incubate collaborations.

In 2007, the Rockefeller Foundation convened a group of investors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists at its conference center in Bellagio to explore how to more effectively allocate financial capital for social and environmental benefits. The participants ended up coining the term “impact investing”, igniting a global movement to create a new financial paradigm.

15 years later, it is becoming increasingly clear that the established practices of impact investing are insufficiently effective at addressing the complex systemic crises that rip through society. There is thus a need to look for new ways of enhancing the theory and practice of impact-driven finance.

One promising approach is to leverage the mindsets, methods, and practices from systems thinking and complex systems science to usher in the next generation of impact-driven finance: systemic investing.

While there is no formal definition of systemic investing yet, we currently define it as the application of systems thinking to addressing societal problems through the strategic deployment of diverse forms of capital, nested within a broader systems change program and intended to transform human and natural systems.

Purpose of the TransCap Initiative’s Convenings

The TCI’s mission is to build the field of systemic investing. Core to this mission is the nurturing of a community of practice whose members collaborate on research, innovation, and prototyping in a connected and orchestrated way.

Convenings play a critical role in nurturing this community. In the early stages of our field-building effort, our convenings will focus on (i) showcasing and amplifying the work of early pioneers (organizations and individuals that have applied principles of systemic investing for years), (ii) developing relationships and social bonds amongst leading thinkers and doers, and (iii) incubating new research and prototyping collaborations.

Climbing up to the Summit

Over the next year, the TCI will host a series of convenings to fertilize the emerging niche of systemic investing. The culmination point will be a summit at which new collaborations will be seeded and can subsequently be nurtured by the TCI and its partner network.

This summit will take place on January 30 and 31, 2024, at MIT’s Samberg Conference Center in Cambridge, MA. We will convene 60-80 investors, innovators, challenge owners, researchers, and financial intermediaries to showcase pioneering efforts, give shape to the field, and incubate collaborations.

Participation will be by invitation only. If you would like to be considered for participation, please fill in this form.


Challenge Owners

Do you represent an ambitious city council, regional or national government, multilateral institution, foundation, or another organization with a mandate to transform a human or natural system?

Contact us to learn more about systemic investing and funding architecture in service of your climate action plan.


Are you an asset owner, an investment advisor, an asset manager, or a financial intermediary looking to explore the next frontier of sustainable finance?

Reach out to learn more about systemic investing and to discover investment opportunities.


Are you working on a novel idea, concept, space, method, strategy, tool, structure, philosophy, or metric relevant for building the field of systemic investing?

Get in touch to find out how to engage in our prototyping work and how to contribute to our community of practice.


Are you interested in supporting the design and mainstreaming of a new investment logic that challenges existing financial paradigms, structures, and practices?

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Who We Are

The TransCap Initiative is a think-and-do-tank operating at the nexus of real-economy systems change, sustainability, and finance. We operate as a multi-stakeholder alliance coordinated by a backbone team and comprised of wealth owners, innovation leaders, system thinkers, research institutes, and financial intermediaries. Our community is open to anyone committed to our cause and values.

Why We Exist

We exist to improve the way sustainable finance is purposed, designed, and managed so that money can become a transformative force in building a low-carbon, climate-resilient, just, and inclusive society. We believe that the key to accomplishing this vision is to inspire and enable investors to leverage the insights and tools of systems thinking and complex systems science for addressing the most pressing societal challenges of the 21st century.

What We Do

Our mission is to build the field of systemic investing. This means developing, testing, and scaling an investment logic at the intersection of systems thinking and finance. We do that by convening a multi-stakeholder alliance to develop a knowledge and innovation base, test novel concepts and approaches, and build a community of practice.

Our core ideas borrow from the disciplines of systems thinking and complex systems science, challenge-led innovation, human-centred design, new economic frameworks, and financial innovation. Our experiments are contextualised in those place-based systems that matter most for human prosperity—such as cities, landscapes, and coastal zones—as well as in value chains and other real-economy systems. We hope that our work produces knowledge and insights, methods and tools, and a self-organising community of inspired and enabled change makers.

The places and value chains we intend to transform act as centres of gravity for our work. In each of these systems, we will work with challenge owners, communities, innovators, investors, and other stakeholders to design, structure, and finance strategic investment portfolios nested within a broader systems intervention approach.