• Ida Uusikylä


    Ida Uusikylä
    Ida Uusikylä works as an Innovation Officer at UNDP Viet Nam, where she is focused on strategic innovation. Ida has experience in emerging technologies, institutional reforms, complexity science, and innovation policy. She has worked on projects related to governance innovation, sustainability, and circular economy and has lately been driving the work at UNDP’s country office in building capabilities in innovation, systems approaches, sensemaking, and portfolios. Ida holds a master’s degree in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Helsinki.
  • Matti Tervo

    Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

    Matti Tervo
    Matti Tervo is a Counsellor with the Embassy of Finland in Hanoi, with global exposure to socio-economic programmes in Asian, African, and Eastern European regions. His specific expertise lies within private sector development and development financing.
  • Tom Beresford

    Dark Matter Labs

    Tom Beresford
    Tom is a public sector researcher and innovation specialist working with providers of public services, charitable organisations, local authorities, and international government agencies. At Dark Matter Labs, a strategic discovery, design, and development lab working to transition society in response to technological revolution and climate breakdown, he co-leads the City Transitions portfolio, investing in the mobilisation of broad and deep coalitions across services, communities, and industries.
  • Florian Egli

    ETH Zurich

    Florian Egli
    Florian Egli is a senior researcher at ETH Zurich, where he completed his award-winning doctorate on investments in renewable energies in 2020. He also serves as a Senior Associate of foraus, the grassroots Swiss Foreign Policy Think Thank, which he helped initiate and develop. Florian has co-founded various initiatives such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shapers in Bern, sustainablefintech.ch, and the ETH Energy Blog. He regularly comments on foreign and climate policy issues in the media and moderates workshops using design thinking and system thinking techniques. Previously, Florian has worked for think tanks, in the public sector, and for consultancies and start-ups. He studied economics in Bern, Geneva, and Toulouse.
  • Andy Kerr

    EIT Climate-KIC

    Andy Kerr
    Andy leads the UK and Ireland activities of EIT Climate-KIC – Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership. He focuses on supporting whole systems innovation—coordinating interventions on different levers of change, from early-stage business support to investment models and regulatory innovation—to help cities, states and regions deliver resilient, zero-carbon goals. This work has focused on building an investment mindset and developing blended public-private finance models to mobilise the financial capital required to transform places in the coming decade. As part of this, he coordinates the Innovation Working Group of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-hosted Climate Financial Risk Forum. Previously, Andy was founding Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) at the University of Edinburgh, and he worked in the private sector, helping develop emerging environmental and carbon markets and advising organisations on how to respond to the climate imperative.
  • Jen Hooke

    Thirty Percy Foundation

    Jen Hooke
    Jen is CEO at Thirty Percy, a foundation that champions and organises around the visions of change-makers for a future built on regenerative design. Jen works at the intersection of systems thinking, place-based ecosystems and climate justice. Jen previously led on responsible investment policy and practice at a Family Office, and before that was a lawyer at Macfarlanes. Jen holds a degree in law from Bristol University and a Master’s in public administration from the London School of Economics.
  • Jon Mowll

    Thirty Percy Foundation

    Jon Mowll
    Jon is a Senior Analyst at Thirty Percy, a foundation that champions and organises around the visions of change-makers for a future built on regenerative design. Jon’s work with Thirty Percy revolves around climate and racial justice, place-based transitions to regenerative and distributive socio-economic models, agroecology, and community wealth building. Since February 2020, he’s been affiliated with the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) at Surrey University, where his research has focused on what the purpose of private investment may be in a post-growth future. Jon holds a degree in History from Cambridge University and worked for just over two years in mainstream ‘responsible’ investment before joining Thirty Percy.
  • Genevieve Mortimer

    Climate-KIC Australia

    Genevieve Mortimer
    Genevieve is a project manager at Climate-KIC Australia, where she focuses on initiatives aiming at systemic change. Her career spans impact assessment, research, stakeholder engagement and sustainability in the mining, forestry, and energy sectors. She takes a systems perspective, integrating technologies, decision-making processes, and organisational change strategies to solve complex problems. Gen is the author of a recent report on adaptation finance.
  • Immy Kaur


    Immy Kaur
    Immy is Co-Founder and Director at CIVIC SQUARE and passionate about nurturing fairer, more equal, and just cities. She is focused on deep systemic change with citizens, neighbours and communities at the heart of this practice, bridging the space between complex systems science and regenerative experimental practice at a neighbourhood scale, as a way to show ways forward. Immy was also Co-Founder of Impact Hub Birmingham, and curator at TEDxBrum.
  • Paul Chatterton

    Landscape Finance Lab

    Paul Chatterton
    Paul Chatterton is the lead and founder of the Landscape Finance Lab, a global platform for incubating and financing sustainable landscapes linked to conservation organisation WWF. Paul is a specialist in the fields of sustainability, climate change, land use, and biodiversity. Through the Lab, he supports a global community innovating on landscape solutions. During an extensive career with WWF, Paul has catalysed results including the first provincial scale forest and climate (REDD+) program in Africa, Europe's longest river protected area, and the largest rainforest reserve in the Pacific. He co-authored the Little Sustainable Landscape Book and is co-initiator of Meridia, a mobile app to provide affordable land tenure to rural communities. Paul is or has been an advisor to the Climate Bonds Initiative, Gold Standard, World Economic Forum, Australian Futures Project, and Forest Stewardship Council, among others. Paul holds a Master's Degree with merit in Anthropology / Development Studies from Sydney University and a Diploma in Management from IMD Business School in Switzerland.
  • Sara Scherr


    Sara Scherr
    Dr. Scherr is an agricultural and natural resource economist specialising in land management policy in tropical developing countries. She has been a prominent voice globally in promoting the restoration of degraded agricultural lands for food security and rural livelihoods and is a leading innovator in integrated landscape management. She is an expert in the economics of sustainable agriculture and agroforestry and the design of payments to farmers and farming communities for ecosystem stewardship. She founded and has led the international non-profit EcoAgriculture Partners since 2002. She also co-led the global Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative 2011-2020, and founded in 2019 and currently chairs the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative.
  • Tom Savigar


    Tom Savigar
    Tom is the Founder of Avansere, a transformation company specialised in moving enterprise forward to a regenerative and thriving state. He is an expert in foresight and transformation, visions and models, and change and development. He also serves as a Partner at Oslo-based Society Lab, as Chief Strategy & Communications Officer at ProjectXGlobal, and as Strategic Foresight Lead at Studio Banana.
  • Dominic Hofstetter

    TransCap Initiative

    Dominic Hofstetter
    Dominic Hofstetter is the Space Building Lead of the TransCap Initiative. He initiated and incubated the TransCap Initiative when he was the Director of Capital and Investments at EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s largest climate innovation initiative, where he was responsible for building the organization’s nascent investment function. Before joining EIT Climate-KIC in 2015, Dominic had worked as an entrepreneur at the renewable energy start-up Electrochaea, as a private equity investor at Hudson Clean Energy Partners, and as a finance professional in the institutional asset management division of Credit Suisse. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and an MSc from the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.
  • Daniel Zimmer

    EIT Climate-KIC

    Daniel Zimmer
    Daniel Zimmer is the strategic lead of the sustainable land use theme at EIT Climate-KIC, which he joined in 2010 as its Director for Innovation. He developed and supervised the implementation of Climate-KIC’s portfolio of innovation projects aiming to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy and society. He has global experience on climate and water related issues ranging from engineering to geopolitics. For eight years, he served as the Executive Director of the World Water Council, an international umbrella organisation of the water sector. Daniel holds a PhD in Hydrology from Pierre and Marie Curie University.
  • Tom Osdoba

    EIT Climate-KIC

    Tom Osdoba
    Tom Osdoba serves as a senior advisor to cities as part of EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s top innovation community on sustainability and climate change. Previously, Tom led a management consultancy focused on sustainability strategies, social enterprise, and new business development, working with several cities and local governments around the world. From 2013 – 2016, he led Enterprise Community Partner’s efforts to make all affordable housing sustainable. Before that, Tom acted as the first managing director of the Center for Sustainable Business at the University of Oregon, as the sustainable economic development manager for Portland, OR (2007-2009), and as Vancouver’s first sustainability director. His work in Portland led to the creation of the Portland Sustainability Institute, which is now EcoDistricts. Tom holds an MA in Public Affairs from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
  • Andy Reeve


    Andy Reeve
    Andy is leading on a regenerative business case fit for 21st-century civic infrastructure that pushes CIVIC SQUARE to operate within the sweet spot of social, financial, and environmental sustainability. Working alongside Kate Raworth to build upon the pioneering work and tools of Doughnut Economics, as well as the Biomimicry 3.8 methodology and principles by Janine Benyus, Andy is the driving force behind bringing people together to upgrade these tools for a local context and co-create metrics with local citizens. Andy has also co-authored a significant paper on Affordable Land with Open Systems Lab, delivered a TEDx talk about how citizens can have an impact on the housing crisis, and co-founded West Midlands Community Homes, convening the knowledge and passion of practitioners from across a range of organisations to bring about a community-led housing renaissance in the city.
  • Thomas Adank

    TransCap Initiative

    Thomas Adank
    Thomas is co-leading the TransCap prototype in Switzerland. In 2011, Thomas stepped out of his conventional finance career, first at UBS and later in a family office, to dedicate his time to impact investing. He worked in microfinance and agriculture finance in Colombia, in the field of renewable energy in Germany, and, based out of Switzerland, in impact investing consulting and angel investing with a focus on positive transformational industries and companies tackling climate change. He first experienced the exponential impact potential of systemic investing while applying the concept as Investment Principal at the Soros Economic Development Fund in London, focusing on refugees and migrants in the Middle East. Thomas holds an MBA from INSEAD.
  • Kate Wolfenden


    Kate Wolfenden
    Kate is an independent advisor, writer, and non-executive director, specialising in the design, build, and analysis of systems interventions. She is Co-Founder of 103, a climate-action focused Dark Matter Labs collaboration. She is also Interim-Chair of Future Planet, Advisory Board member for Innovator Capital, and strategic advisor to Landscape Finance Labs. Clients and projects include the design of a new ca. $100 million early-stage systemic venture fund for the World Bank's Climate Investment Funds, co-founding Project X (a WWF-UK founded industrial sustainable innovation accelerator), co-development of innovative finance mechanisms with Innovator Capital, and support in the development of the Transformational Capital Initiative at EIT Climate-KIC.
  • Dominic Burke

    Lankelly Chase

    Dominic Burke
    Dominic is the Investment Director at Lankelly Chase, a UK philanthropic foundation supporting the conditions for healing, justice and liberation. Alongside managing the foundation’s £150 million endowment in line with its mission, Dominic participates in efforts to reimagine the role of finance and investment in a just and sustainable future. In addition to supporting the TransCap Initiative, he is currently convening an investor inquiry into the sustainability of economic growth, is a member of Deep Transitions Futures’ Global Investor Panel and of the steering groups of a Students Organising for Sustainability campaign and ShareAction’s recent ‘Future of the AGM’ project.
  • Magdalena J. Schneider

    TransCap Initiative

    Magdalena J. Schneider
    Magdalena is co-leading the TransCap prototype in Switzerland. She strives to change systems by forging alliances for impact at the intersection of society, business, academia, and public institutions. As Director for Strategy & Multi-Stakeholder Alliances at European Commons, Magdalena explored key success factors for, and major risks emerging from, the implementation of the European Green Deal in three Austrian regions. Until 2019, she co-led the strategy, fundraising, and communications efforts of euforia, a Swiss NGO for youth mobilization with a community of volunteers in over 20 countries across 3 continents. Earlier, Magdalena had worked for almost a decade in the European Banking sector (BNP Paribas, Paris/Credit Suisse, Zürich). Magdalena holds a BSc from Italy’s Bocconi University and an MBA from Switzerland’s St. Gallen University (HSG).
  • EIT Climate-KIC

    EIT Climate-KIC
    The Netherlands
    Europe’s largest climate innovation initiative and the initiator of the TransCap Initiative
  • ETH Zurich

    ETH Zurich
    A world-leading research and higher education institution, whose Energy and Technology Policy Group is involved in the TransCap Initiative’s academic work
  • United Nations Development Programme

    United Nations Development Programme
    UNDP works in 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty while protecting the planet. It leads our TransCap Prototype in Viet Nam.
  • Thirty Percy Foundation

    Thirty Percy Foundation
    United Kingdom
    Thirty Percy is a foundation that champions and organises around the visions of change-makers for a future built on regenerative design. Thirty Percy is a funder and strategic partner of the TransCap Initiative.
  • Dark Matter Labs

    Dark Matter Labs
    United Kingdom
    A strategic discovery, design, and development lab working to transition society in response to technological revolution and climate breakdown. DML is involved in financial and policy innovation work across multiple TransCap workstreams.
  • Lankelly Chase

    Lankelly Chase
    United Kingdom
    Lankelly Chase is a UK philanthropic foundation supporting the conditions for healing, justice and liberation. It is a funder and strategic partner of the TransCap Initiative.
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

    Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
    The MFA of Finland, through its embassy in Hanoi, is a funder and strategic partner of our TransCap Prototype in Viet Nam.

    United Kingdom
    A bold approach to visioning, building, and investing in civic infrastructure for neighbourhoods of the future. CIVIC SQUARE is co-leading our TransCap Prototype in Birmingham.
  • Climate-KIC Australia

    Climate-KIC Australia
    An independent, not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire and enable climate action by being a catalyst for systemic change, through innovation. Climate-KIC Australia leads the TransCap exploration work in Australia.
  • Landscape Finance Lab

    Landscape Finance Lab
    Established in April 2016, the WWF Landscape Finance Lab is incubating a portfolio of landscape programs in global biodiversity priority places, testing innovative financing mechanisms and building sectoral learning, capacity, and impact.
  • EcoAgriculture Partners

    EcoAgriculture Partners
    United States
    EcoAgriculture Partners is the leading non-profit champion of integrated landscape management, helping communities and organizations grow healthy and resilient places from the grassroots up.
  • Avansere

    Avansere is a transformation company, specialised in moving enterprise forward to a regenerative and thriving state.

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What We Do

The TransCap Initiative is a collaborative space for developing, demonstrating, and scaling systemic investing in the places that matter most for human prosperity—such as cities, landscapes, and coastal zones—as well as in value chains and other real-economy systems.

We apply systems thinking, human-centred design, and the principles of mission-driven innovation to explore how financial capital can catalyse the transformation of systems in service of a low-carbon, climate-resilient, just, and inclusive future.

Our mission involves developing a knowledge and innovation base, testing novel concepts and approaches, and building a community of practice. In doing so, we recognise the complex adaptive nature of human and natural systems and the fundamental uncertainty that governs their evolution, and we thus emphasise the need for collaboration, experimentation, and learning.

The places and value chains we intend to transform act as centres of gravity for our work. In each of these systems, we will work with challenge owners, communities, innovators, investors, and other stakeholders to design, structure, and finance strategic investment portfolios nested within a broader systems intervention approach.

Who We Are

The TransCap Initiative convenes a diverse community of partners from the private, public, civic, academic, and philanthropic spheres. Many of our community members are world-leading thinkers and doers in the fields of systems innovation, sustainable finance, public policy, social innovation, and sustainability research. It is a dynamic community, open to anyone committed to our cause and values.

The TransCap Initiative was initiated in 2019 by EIT Climate-KIC with support from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

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